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Tasting the Journey

Our memories can be associated with a song that played on a special day, the smell of the New Zealand bush where we played as kids and the amazing taste that still lingers in our mouth from the wonderful food we shared somewhere.

And what better way is there, to remember our journeys than by the food experience we had in another place, returning from our adventures to share with our family and friends a new flavour.

The memory of strolling amongst the antique market in the beautiful town of Annecy belongs to an incredible olive bread stick. The first time I ate white eggplant and tomato salad at a beach café in Santorini reminds me of exploring the ruins of Akrotiri. And sharing the bottle of Limoncello at home with friends makes me recount the magical day we spent at Sorrento.

Eggplant and tomato salad

Experiencing the flavours of a country brings the opportunity to understand their culture, a vehicle to meet locals.   You can simply visit a local market, most of our Island neighbours have a local produce and craft market and there are always stall holders cooking a local delicacy. Bring home the best Hungarian Paprika from the famous Central Market Hall in Budapest, built in Iron and Glass in the 1890s, it is an amazing building and still part of the daily life of the city today.

In Italy the flavours are diverse from North to South, truffles, olives, lemons, cannoli, their different pasta dishes. A seven day boutique tour in Umbria, Italy features wine tasting and local cellars, truffle hunting, cheese and pasta making, preparing a meal in a local restaurant and cooking regional cuisine. Join a small group cooking week in Venice, Tuscany, Puglia or Sicily to combine seeing the local sights, with the experience of traditional recipes, local wines and seasonal ingredients.

Thailand Floating Market

Experience the flavours of Asia in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos and Thailand, there are many wonderful cooking classes available with lesser known real food adventures in China, Congee (rice porridge), delicious dumplings, Peking Duck. India, learn how to create the amazing flavours with the spices of Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Coriander & Cumin or discover The Art of tea plucking and blending to add another facet to your holiday in Sri Lanka.

Culinary enrichment programmes are also offered whilst cruising. Hands on cooking classes with the emphasis on regional specialities and comfort food from kitchens around the world based on the ships itinerary. On shore excursions include shopping with the Ships Chef. Famous Guest chefs give cooking demonstrations and passengers join the Chef to enjoy his creation. There are Foodie Cruises.

Cruise cooking classes

Enhance your holiday experience by checking out where the local markets are before you leave home. Or create your own culinary adventure with us. Bring home the experience of the taste and the smell alongside your photos and enjoy the flavours of your culinary travels for years to come.

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